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What is 4Gmark ?
4Gmark is a tool offering a comprehensive and reliable benchmark of the quality of service for smartphones. It allows you to compare smartphones, networks or places on every technologies 2G (Edge, Gprs), 3G (Umts, Hsdpa, H+, Dual-carrier), 4G (LTE) and Wifi.

When you perform free tests with 4Gmark, you participate in a collaborative project to aggregate a base of information for understanding and improving the quality of service.

The 'Speed Test' quickly calculates downlink and uplink network speed (average Bitrate).

The 'Full Test' is a scenario with all protocols (latency, transfer, web) giving full visibility over the quality of the connection environment. It calculates a score which let you compare between them different smartphones, networks or places. Also in the 'Custom Test' section, Customized scenarios of tests are available.

Finally as a bonus, a dashboard that will offer the most current real-time information about your hardware, your location, your cellular and your wifi connection.


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